About Mineralica

Mineralica is an online magazine for all people interested in minerals and mining. In particular, the magazine deals with mineral collecting - from reports on new discoveries to historical reappraisals of well-known mines. Mineralica pursues the ambitious goal of making knowledge freely accessible. The magazine is intended to be a first port of call, especially for people with little experience, so that they can be given an easy introduction to the complex world of mineral collecting and mineralogy.

Mineralica was founded in 2023 and has been growing steadily ever since. Our heartfelt thanks go to all supporters who have promoted Mineralica since the idea was born. Above all, special thanks go to our authors, who have contributed valuable and exciting content.

In the future, Mineralica would like to diversify its content and also include topics such as fossils and meteorites. With new articles appearing regularly, the magazine aims to become an ever-growing fund of knowledge. Would you like to support Mineralica? Publish with us

The Idea

The mineral collecting scene is changing. It is evolving and Mineralica wants to play a pioneering role. Our main goal is to rekindle the passion for this hobby, especially among the younger generation. All our articles are freely accessible to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge.

Our aim is to appeal to a new generation of collectors who transcend geographical and linguistic boundaries. Despite the ever-changing interests of the younger population, the fascination of mineral collecting remains worldwide. With Mineralica, we want to bridge the gap and make knowledge accessible to all to foster a global community of enthusiasts.

The Founder of Mineralica

„My name is Maximilian Schiller. I am a software developer and have had a great passion for programming for many years. But I am also a passionate mineral collector. Ever since I discovered my enthusiasm for mining and minerals as a teenager in Carinthia, I have tried to combine my two passions. The result: Mineralica. With Mineralica I can realize myself. At the same time, I want to share my passion for minerals with others. I would like to help young people in particular who are just starting out in mineral collecting by making knowledge freely available on Mineralica.“